Byron Analytics LLC is dedicated to providing data solutions in the fields of Biology and Ecology. Allow us to meet your data needs through data analysis as a service or providing ‘digitized first’ data collection tools.

With over a decade of experience with R, we can meet your analytic needs from data validation to reporting. Utilizing a suit of purpose-built R functions, we can automate validation, data summaries, and reporting requirements for periodic environmental assessment data - substantially reducing your data analysis costs. Extensive experience in statistics, modeling and simulation allows us to meet any advanced data analysis you may need, in a fully reproduce-able framework.

Our motto of “digitize first” is directed at moving field scientist into a more digital world through the use of mobile devices to collect data. We know the challenges of field research and the potential hazards for digital equipment. We understand the reliability of pencil and paper; however, we also have years of data entry experience. The difficulties in deciphering handwriting and potential for data entry errors posses an equal risk as equipment failure of digital equipment.

With the proliferation of mobile devices and water resistant cases, we can develop custom data entry solutions. Our solutions are focused on easy-to-use interfaces in outdoor conditions, built-in value validation, and data-preservation against device failures. The end result is reliable data that can be easily exported for analysis, or coupled with automated reports to generate paper-backup datasheets.

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